• Feed, clothe, treat and educate
  • Ease overcrowding, in cities
  • Ease strain on social services and limited government resources
  • Employment opportunities
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Help Children's Village Rebuild Haiti,
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Children's Village

Our goal is the creation of children's villages; a safe haven for orphans and children who are living on the streets.

Our immediate effort is to remove the orphans from the dangerous streets of Port au Prince, to our orphanages in the more bucolic, rural settings of Grand Goave, Cabaret and Caracol.

This will not only serve the children, but ease the overcrowding and strain on resources, in the capital and other metropolitan areas.

The affected areas around the children's villages also have many orphans. Here however, there is some support from the community and relatives. For these children, we will endeavour to integrate their current, emotional support system, with our accommodations and resources.

Adult education and training in our trade schools, will greatly lend itself to employment opportunities with us, as we expand, into to Phase II, the construction of: a permanent orphanage/boarding school for up to 2,500 children; trade school; University; hospital medical complex; development of infrastructure; utilities; roads; sanitation; water/sewage treatment; desalinization plant; library and construction of housing for the population, as well as the implementation of modern agricultural techniques.

The new, permanent Village will be all ‘green’. Solar and wind power, with an emphasis on recycling and preservation of resources and the wetlands.

With the development of light industry and agriculture, we hoped to establish not only self-sufficiency for the local population/community, but the ability to export excess commodities/products, to other cities, in Haiti and abroad.

In our meetings with the Minister of Environment, we learned that our plans coincide with many of his projects as regards employment, education and empowerment of the Haitian people and the rebuilding of Haiti.

To make all of this possible, we need grants, federal and corporate funding, as well as individual donations.

Immediate benefits:

Feed, clothe, treat and educate the children

Ease overcrowding, in cities

reduce traffic congestion

ease strain on social services and limited government resources

provide employment opportunities

Near-term benefits:

adult education and training

provide more employment



     local government

improve quality of life, for citizens in surrounding areas

more jobs and the attendant income will stimulate and revitalize local economies

ecology and environment will benefit

    as local infrastructure (water and sewage treatment, drainage, sanitation, waste management)

    is improved, much less damage will be done to sensitive environmental areas (wetlands) as they will not be

    subjected to improper sanitation waste disposal.

Reduction of disease and illness. Improvement, in overall health, of local citizenry will be realized, for the same reasons.

Long-term benefits:

with the development and implementation of modern civil engineering and planning,

  (roads, water and (green (solar and wind) electric supply, proper drainage and sewage treatment,

construction of hurricane/earthquake resistant schools, University, library, hospital and housing can be built.

Modern agricultural techniques can be implemented, along with the light industries, leading to export of excess production.

As the local economy grows and thrives, contiguous communities will also benefit from increased trade and employment.

(These are all programs/benefits that were endorsed by Jean Germain, Minister of Environment, in our meetings with him, where these plans were discussed.)


the great thing about our children's villages, is that the orphanage is as an acorn: as the great oak tree that grows from the acorn provides many benefits for the flora and fauna, in its immediate vicinity and beyond, so the children's villages begin by helping thousands of orphans and continue to spread benefits outward as the subsequent projects come to fruition.

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