• Feed, clothe, treat and educate
  • Ease overcrowding, in cities
  • Ease strain on social services and limited government resources
  • Employment opportunities
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Phaze 1 - Children's Village project

(this is strictly for the immediate children's village. It does not include future growth.)

1. Needs

  1. F & C Land
    1. Grand Goave (already donated by individual(s)
    2. Cabaret (promised)
    3. Caracol (already own)
  2. Semi permanent shelter
    1. Sleeping/Living
    2. Mess/Cook*
    3. Hygiene
      1. showers
      2. latrine
      3. sinks
    4. Clinic
  3. Education
  4. Food, clothing, medical supplies
    1. Manpower
    2. need site manager
    3. exchange student teachers
    4. caregivers for the children
    5. medical personnel
    6. kitchen and cleaning/sanitation staff
    7. security- guards
  5. site improvement
    1. In addition to main structures, will need latrines sours water and power sources.
    2. let's look at possible solar power. In addition to generators
    3. Again with the local labor; clearing areas for immediate use.
  6. acquisition of outlying areas.
    1. when on the ground, need to plan immediate community as well as future growth
    2. get with local official and see what he is willing to cede us.
    3. all must be in writing, signed, sealed and recordable immediately
  7. logistics
    1. ensuring continuous supply of required items
    2. initial supply of food, clothing, bedding,
    3. kitchen equipment
    4. implements for eating (knives, forks, spoons, plates, bowls…)
  8. Transportation
    1. Personnel
    2. Materiel
    3. Sanitation– disposal of solid and liquid waste

2. Resources

  1. Strategic Partners
    1. Airline Ambassadors (NGO)
    2. Guanin Cultural Ctr (Sto Dom. DR)
    3. Fundacion Belle Reine pour la Paix Universelle (LNGO)
    4. Mission for the Destitute of Haiti (LNGO)
    5. TBDs

3. Funding Sources

  1. Donations
    1. Individuals
      1. TV/Radio Ads & Infomercials
      2. Internet
      3. E-mail
      4. IAAS Marketing efforts (County Reps)
    2. Institutions
      1. churches
      2. schools
      3. social orgs
      4. business orgs
      5. businesses
  2. Grants
  3. Gov’t
    1. US
    2. Haiti
  4. Sales (shirts, hats, DVDs…)
  5. Tuition  
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