• Feed, clothe, treat and educate
  • Ease overcrowding, in cities
  • Ease strain on social services and limited government resources
  • Employment opportunities
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Phaze 2 - Construction of Permanent Structures


Once the children's villages are up and running and functioning smoothly, we will begin site prep to break ground on the construction of

  1. Infrastructure
    1. Power (solar and wind)
    2. water
    3. sewage
    4. roads
  2. Boarding school
  3. Housing
  4. Adult Ed training centre
  5. Medical centre/hospital
  6. University


  1. Fields
    1. Construction and related
    2. agriculture
    3. light industry
    4. community support services  
    5. maintenance
    6. education
    7. service
  2. Sources
    1. Local population
    2. Grads from our institutions
    3. interns
    4. Haitians farther field
    5. imports

Other Industries

  1. hotel
  2. restaurant
  3. small airport
  4. Marina
  5. Tourism
  6. import export
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