• Feed, clothe, treat and educate
  • Ease overcrowding, in cities
  • Ease strain on social services and limited government resources
  • Employment opportunities
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IAAS/MEDH presence is in all Haiti

In the midst of a country steeped with extreme poverty, illiteracy, lack of education, malnutrition and disease.  Dr. Pognon founded MEDH to provide: 

1). Evangelism:  Nothing brings a more eternal change than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Usually Haitians have a lot respect for Pastors in a community.  That is why our evangelism ministry focuses on partnering with local leaders to strengthen their community’s church

We also work with the youth leaders.  Visit our website www.allchristiansyouthnetwork.com,

With our evangelism ministry, entire communities are transformed and lasting change ripples throughout the country. 

2). Health education and treatment.  With our medical centers, outpatient clinics and mobile health teams, we have developed a growing program of comprehensive medical care.  Through the generosity that comes from people like you, we are able to provide complete and professional care at the medical centers at almost no cost to the patient.

3). Education:  The International Maritime University of Adaptive Sciences.  A division of IAAS, working in partnership with other school in Haiti and individual communities, our education ministry has grown to about 45,000 students who are now enrolled today in hundreds of schools across the country 

4).   Agriculture and Reforestation:  MEDH has developed livelihoods programs that enable families to achieve economic benefits though a variety of productive economic activities.  The idea is to teach skills and strategies that people can use to make a living.  Among these programs are the Agriculture and Reforestation.

        Life for families living in the highly populated mountains of Haiti, centers on agriculture.

For men who have no education or trade skill, farming the land or tending animals is the major source of livelihood.  A farmer’s average acre of land is often on a steep rocky mountainside.  Farming the steep inclines is difficult and the poor soil makes his efforts even more unproductive.  Year after year, the source of food and income for his family becomes less and less dependable.  Because of lack of trees, severe erosion washes rich topsoil with nutrients necessary for good crops-down the mountains and into sea.

With the Agriculture and Reforestation programs people of Haiti can improve their quality of life and provide better opportunities for the future. 

5). Shelter:  Countless families whose houses were collapsed by the earthquake were using sticks and worn down sheets, or sticks and salvaged roofing as shelter.  The mission has provided them with tents as temporary shelters 

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